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“If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old.”
Russ Whitesides has been a Fort Worth resident for over 8 years but is originally from a small west Texas town where his love of the outdoors began. Whether it was a drive through the cotton field, hunting season, or a fishing trip with his grandpa he was in love with all creation had to offer. Russ comments, “Moving to Fort Worth has been tough finding my place in the outdoors. Going on hunting trips are mini vacations here, you can’t just go for 2 hours and come back home like I am used to! I have had to re-learn ways to connect outside and that is a huge part of Cowtown Kayaks and my vision for the future.” It has always been in Russ’ mind to start his own business. However, he always thought it would be in the oil field where he has spent the majority of his adult career. But unwilling to hold off on his dreams, Russ recently quit his job in the oil field after being away from his wife and son for over 2 years to start Cowtown Kayaks. He has a vision to not just sell kayaks but to be a part of people in the city seeing the possibilities they have to get out of their homes and into nature!


“Whether you are paddling down the Trinity with your spouse for exercise, fishing, a yogi on your stand up paddle board, or just checking it out for the very first time; I really do want to play a part in that.” – Russ Whitesides, Cowtown Kayaks



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