Yak Stick Mud Anchor – White

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Anchor effortlessly in shallow water with the Yak Gear Yak Stick Mud Anchor. Mud sticks are becoming the preferred method of anchoring in shallow coastal waters.  Featuring a “T Handle” that fits the paddlers hand, the Yak Stick is easily deployed by sticking the pointed end into the mud. The T handle also allows the Yak Stick to be turned over and used as a push pole. The Yak Stick connects easily to a  Yak Gear CLICKnGo Leash through the stainless steel shackle. By making it solid rather than hollow, the Yak Stick will be easier to deploy on hard bottoms or even through oyster shell or gravel. Yak Stick anchors come with 2 mini pole clips and stainless steel hardware for mounting your stick anchor to the boat while not in use.

Some customers do add a float to their Yak Stick, just in case it slips out of your hands or falls out of the kayak or canoe. A simple float will float one end of the stick.

Note*-It is not recommended to put your Yak Stick or any Mud Stick in your Scupper Holes. Scupper holes are the weakest part of any kayak.

Want to learn more?  Watch Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Heath Panganiban’s Yak Stick Mud Anchor Video Review to see the anchor in action!

  • Yak stick size – 6 Feet
  • T handle for comfortable grip while anchoring
  • Mini pole clips provided for easy storage
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Works for anchoring of any kayak, canoe or even small boat up to 16 feet long


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